Terms of rent

To use our services you should be over 23 years old, have a passport and a driver’s license. That’s all! Our employees will complete all the documents in the office and give the keys in 15 minutes and the car you chose will be at your disposal with a full tank of gas!

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Additional services

You and your employees often need a transport? Or your company does not want to spend time and money on buying cars, forming a fleet and hiring drivers? Leave it to us! The “Auto Tour” company offers car rental services at a scheme that is most convenient and profitable for you.

  • Long-term rent of cars without a driver
  • Short-term rent of cars without a driver
  • Short-term rent of cars with a driver
  • Meeting business partners at the airport, assistance in accommodation in hotels
  • Employees of large companies, international organizations, missions, embassies, consulates and international agencies are provided additional discounts.

Today more and more large companies around the world use services of car rental companies with a view to long-term rent of cars with or without drivers, because long-term rental can be much more profitable for the company than buying own cars.